Julianna Margulies

Born on June 8th, 1966 in Spring Valley, New York, Julianna Margulies is perhaps better known to her fans as Nurse Carol Hathaway in the popular television series, 'ER'. But this is far from Julianna's only achievement; she's enjoyed a varied and impressive career as an actress, and has even been recognized as a producer, too.

Although she'd played a role in a Steven Seagal film called 'Out for Justice', Julianna only became widely recognized in 1994 when she landed the part in 'ER'. In fact, she was so impressive during the early episodes that the producers had her storyline rewritten. Julianna's character was originally intended to commit suicide in an early episode. However, on-screen chemistry between Julianna and the other actors - particularly George Clooney, who played her ex, Dr. Doug Ross - was so apparent that they decided to keep her for a full six years! So notable was her performance in this role that she won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress – the only regular on 'ER' to do so.

Since leaving 'ER', Julianna's career has gone from strength to strength: she received both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Alicia Florrick in the CBS drama, 'The Good Wife'. Julianna has been credited as one of the producers of this series as well – proof of her abilities both in front of and behind the camera.

Julianna's trademark dark, curly hair and piercing green eyes make for an elegant, almost Celtic-looking combination. Add to this her ability to play complex characters sensitively and the result is a seriously captivating actress.

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