Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh is a Canadian actress, best known for playing Dr. Christina Yang in Shonda Rimes' hit ABC drama Grey's Anatomy. Aside from appearing in no less than ten seasons of one of the world's best-loved and longest-running medical dramas, Oh also has a number of other film and TV accomplishments under her belt.

As a Golden Globe winning actor, for her portrayal of Christina Yang in case you were wondering, Oh is pretty versatile when it comes to the roles she chooses. Whether providing the voice for a character in a kids' show such as Phineas and Ferb on Nickelodeon, a recurring character in Seth McFarlane's Family Guy spin-off, American Dad, or playing a major role in indie films like Sideways, she always has something interesting, dynamic and very entertaining to bring to the table. She's hardly your average Hollywood superstar!

Having fallen in love with ballet as a child, Oh made the switch to acting when she realized that she loved performing but wasn't a good enough dancer to go pro. She still loves performing live on stage and will probably be doing it a lot more after her exit from Grey's at the end of series ten.