Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Claire Deschanel was born in beautiful Santa Monica, California on January 17th, 1980, and was named after a character in one of J. D. Salinger's novels, 'Franny and Zooey'. Her parents, Caleb and Mary, are also involved in the movie industry, enjoying careers as a cinematographer and an actress respectively.

Zooey has firmly established herself as a successful actress, having appeared in the popular sitcom 'New Girl' which launched on Fox in 2011. As well as this, Zooey's landed roles in a whole host of movies, including the light-hearted sitcom 'Yes Man' where she appeared alongside Jim Carrey and '(500) Days of Summer', an independent film made in 2009. The latter received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture.

With Zooey's exceptional comic timing and perfect deadpan expression, it's no wonder that she's landed herself starring roles in so many comedies. But as well as her talent for comic acting, Zooey's also a singer and musician (she plays percussion, keyboard and the banjo!) and often includes this in her movies. Add to that her girl-next-door good looks and cheeky smile and it's obvious why Zooey has earned herself an army of fans.

On top of her many successes in front of the camera, Zooey is also beginning to try her hand at being a producer and is working on a comedy entitled 'Must Be Nice'.

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