General Terms of Use

These General Terms of Use determine the rules of access to the website (the "Website") and its terms of use which the user acknowledges acceptance of, without reservation, simply by connecting to the Website.

The Website Editor alone is authorised to define the terms of the public access, use and consultation of any information he includes and fixes in the databases set up by the automatic data processing system which allows online publishing.

Any person who has access to the Website, regardless of their capacity (personal or professional), location, method of connection to the Website, the purpose and scope of their access to the information published on the Website, is a Website user (the "User").

The User is informed of the inherent risks of the internet, in particular:

- The lack of security in data transmission;
- Continuous access to the Websites or the various services offered by the Website cannot be guaranteed.

In any case, the Editor may not be held liable for these detrimental risks and their consequences, regardless of the extent of the damage to the User.

Each User must take all suitable measures to protect their own data, software and hardware from viruses or other forms of attacks possibly transmitted via the Website or the information published.

The User may not claim any difficulty in accessing the Website for accessing information in breach of these General Terms of Use.

To be taken into consideration, the User must send its claims to the Editor by post only via registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the address provided above.


The Website and the information published therein are reserved for:

- The consultation of information using the Editor's automatic data processing system;
- Uses strictly reserved for the private and non-commercial use of the User and not for collective use, paid or otherwise.

The creation of links leading exclusively to the Website homepage is allowed insofar as they can be opened in a new window. In any case, the Editor reserves the right not to allow this at any time if it appears to him that the link made to the Website is likely to undermine its interests.

The User is legally authorised to use short quotations, analyses and reproduction for use in the press as well as any other uses expressly authorised by law within the limits and terms set therein and in particular subject to mention of the name of authors and the editorial source.


Except with the express, prior authorisation of the Editor, all reproductions, representations and uses other than those provided above are forbidden, in particular:

- Any adaptation, public access further to request or otherwise, distribution, retransmission regardless of the format, networking, public communication of all or a part of works, services, trademarks or any items which are protected or likely to be protected under intellectual property law reproduced on the Website;
- Any extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of a substantial part of the content of the databases created by the Website;
- Any repeat or systematic extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of even a non-substantial part of the content of the databases created by the Website;
- Any link, access, modification, addition, removal to the online publishing automatic data processing system and which modifies the terms of publication or the editorial policy.

Any User who acts in breach of the terms herein shall be subject to civil or criminal prosecution particularly as concerns breaches of copyright, related rights, the rights of database producers as well as those of automatic data processing systems.

The User is hereby informed that the Criminal Code (Article 323-1 et seq.) punishes with penalties of up to five years' imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros the following in particular:

- Fraudulent access and maintenance of an automatic data processing system,
- The fraudulent deletion, modification or addition of data to this system,
- The act of impeding this system

The role of the Website administrator is to ensure the correct operation thereof and to monitor its security. Part of their duty is to facilitate the application of these General Terms of Use and to ensure the fair and responsible behaviour of each User.

For any information, you can contact:
In application of the provisions of the French Data Protection Act, Law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended, any natural person has the right to access, modify, correct and remove data concerning them. These rights may be accessed at any time by post or e-mail to the following address: Purestyle 3 avenue Hoche - Hall 1 - 5e étage 75008 Paris (France).

Any use of the Website is registered. The User is informed of the power given to the Editor to set up automatic data collectors to identify the User and their future visits to the Website.

In some cases, the User may be asked to provide personal data for statistical purposes. Furthermore, the User is informed that this data may be used for the purpose of direct marketing of similar products or services by the Website Editor. The User may have access to this data and may freely oppose its use by writing to the address mentioned above.

Any other marketing by the Website Editor or any transfer to third parties (commercial partners, etc.) of this data shall be subject to the express prior agreement of the User.

The Website Editor undertakes to take recognised technical precautions to protect the security of personal data and in particular to prevent it being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorised third parties.

The Editor may at any time modify the terms of these General Terms. These modifications shall bind the User as soon as they are published online. The User is consequently recommended to consult the General Terms of Use and the Special Terms of Use regularly to learn of these new terms.

The User's failure to comply, regardless of their location, with any one of the provisions of these General Terms of Use and more generally any difficulty affecting its use, interpretation or validity, shall be subject to French law and the French courts.



What are they

A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer's hard disk so that the website can remember who you are. 
We use them to help you navigate our website efficiently and perform certain functions. We will not use cookies to store any personally identifiable information about you that others could read or understand. We do not use cookies to track your internet usage after leaving our site. 
Do I want to stop them?

Due to their prime role of enhancing or enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain parts of this website. We explain the cookies we use in the table below and give you a button by which you can block the optional cookies. There is also a button by which you can agree to accept the optional cookies.

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If you wish to restrict or block all the cookies which are set by our website (which as we say may prevent you from using certain parts of the site or from using the site as easily as you might), or indeed any other website, you can do this through your browser settings. The Help function within your browser should tell you how. 

Which cookies are being used on this site?

Cookie and status



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Records whether you have been shown the Cookie policy popin (at your arrival on the site) so as not to show it to you again. It collects information in an anonymous form using a unique identifier.

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Required to navigate from one page to another and to maintain the login/logout information during your visit. It collects information in an anonymous form by using a unique identifier. Expires when you end your session.

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These cookies are used to collect information about the contents that visitors see on our site. They are placed on the site by Facebook, Inc an American Corporation. It personal information connected to your Facebook account.. This information is then used by Facebook to share the articles read and your visit to our website. It also allows you tio see what your friends have seen while browsing onto the site. For more information visit

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Third-party site cookies
On our website we use social networking icons and we also sometimes embed video content from websites such as YouTube. As a result when you visit a page with content embedded from for example YouTube or when you log onto a social network via the relevant icon on our website you may be presented with cookies from these websites. We do not control the dissemination of these cookies and you need to check with the applicable third party website for more information.